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    Unispectra's mobile TVs redefine on-the-go entertainment, delivering quality and versatility for any vehicle.

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    Stay connected on your travels with Unispectra's reliable antennas, ensuring optimal signal reception wherever you roam.

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    Elevate your outdoor experience with Unispectra's rooftop tents, providing comfort and convenience atop your vehicle.

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    Explore essential travel gear at Unispectra, enhancing your journey with innovative and convenient accessories.

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Unispectra for Business

If you are a business contact us at sales@unispectra.co.uk to receive special prices and offers. 12 years and running our wholesale customers have never been happier, with our consistent technological improvements and breakthroughs!

Our Story

Unispectra Ltd was founded in 2011 with a clear vision: to create a world where technology acts as an enabler, empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their fullest potential. Specializing in travel and camping, our products cater to adventurers who also strive for the technological revolution. We embrace the "Kaizen" principle, ensuring continuous improvement. Following this principle, we keep on perfecting our production and growing into a multinational company with operations across most of Europe and providing our fellow travelers with whatever technological needs they might have.

About Us

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